Getting To Know Us


We have been married 11 years, and have 2 very spoiled little fur babies. I guess you could say opposites do attract as we couldn’t be more opposite of each other and yet together we make a balanced couple. We are very laid back, easy going, you could say we live the simple life.

Brian loves to fish, he is a great bowler, loves to spend time in his garage, loves cars, and is a very handyman at fixing things.  He is super outgoing and can make even the shyest person open up.   He lives his life day by day, is hardly a person who stresses, he can turn any negative into a positive situation.


Lani loves to read, bake, or anything that involves crafting. She can definitely be found cleaning and organizing. She tends to be more quite and shy.

We love to travel and dream of showing our future baby the world as much as we can. Summer time is our favorite time of year. We have a boat that we spend many weekends on, we love being outside doing yardwork, grilling dinner, or just sitting on our deck. We LOVE mini golf and have been known to drive a long distance to try different courses. Bike riding, or walking is how we spend our evenings after work. Since we dont love love the winter, thats when we spend our time going to movies, watching Netflix, playing Mario Bros on the Nintendo, or going bowling. We love trying new places to eat, we have been known to drive to Chicago just to get a good hot dog, or drive a few hours away just for good BBQ.


We are both settled into our careers, recently settled into our new home with a room just waiting to be a nursery. We live in a small quiet suburb south of Chicago. Walking distance to a grade school, middle school, a park, and several sports fields.

We have the biggest support system of family and friends who have been by ourside the whole journey. So our future baby will be loved by so many.

As soon as I saw you, I knew an adventure was going to happen.”

Our recent trip to Mexico